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Fashionable Thought of the Day

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Not sure about you, but my month has been super busy slaying dragons.  Given recent events and victories, I felt the need to share with you the following words of wisdom: Never confuse kindness with weakness – anonymous   xoxo Staci

Fashionable Friday

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I saw this and had to share.  Give it some thought this long weekend: "A business without a vision isn’t a business, it’s just a past time."                                                                      – Leonard A. Lauder. xoxo Staci

On the Road to Magic…..

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I hope everyone had a great #Grammy week, and for those of you east coasters, you survived Nemo!  I know we confused some of you with our #FRBranding tweets on Friday so let us explain.  Fox Rothschild held a private event in honor of Grammy week that started with a panel discussion titled, "Winning Strategies For… Continue Reading

Lululemon and Calvin Klein’s Settlement Over Yoga Pant Design Patent Stirs Interest In Oft Neglected Design Patent Protection For Clothing

Posted in Fashion Intellectual Property

Guest post by Tom Chan, Esq.   The entire fashion community is talking about Lululemon’s recent design patent infringement suit against Calvin Klein, wherein Lululemon claimed Klein violating its rights in its iconic "cross-over waistband." The recent settlement between Lululemon and Calvin Klein is stirring up renewed interest in design patent protection for apparel brands. Contrary… Continue Reading

Fashion, Food, Football and Finance

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Caught your attention, right?  What in the world does Fashion, Food, Football and Finance have in common?  And why are you reading about it on the Fashion Law Blog? Well, all four industries are thriving, despite having very little intellectual property protection.  They are also covered in Professor Kal Raustiala and Professor Christopher Sprigman’s new… Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: Internships

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Summer is in full swing.  Fashion Brands are working hard on getting their back-to-school goods out, and at the same time are busy getting ready for the next round of tradeshows.  Times like this cause companies to crave extra help, and with the state of economy, have many people begging to intern or work for… Continue Reading

Calling All “Fashpreneurs”!!

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So what are you doing next week?  If you are East Coast based, I invite you to join me and my colleagues Gerard P. Norton, Ph.D. and Ted D. Rosen at the 2011 FashInvest Capital Conference! What’s FashInvest you ask? FashInvest is a community where investors, venture capitalists, private equity investors, entrepreneurs and industry CEOs will gather to… Continue Reading

Christian Louboutin (rightfully) Loses Battle Against YSL

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My esteemed Fashion Law Colleague, Susan Scafidi, and I were both featured on CBS’s the Early Show commenting on U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero’s denial of Christian Louboutin’s request for a Preliminary Injunction to stop Yves Saint Laurent  from selling red shoes, claiming YSL’s shoes infringe on Louboutin’s trademarked red sole. As seems to be our… Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: Brand Building

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So how do you build a brand?  ahhh.  That’s a million dollar question that many professionals get paid lots of money to answer. Answering the question – what is brand building  is an easier place to start. Building a brand is expanding your company from the products that made it fabulous and successful.  You engage your loyal… Continue Reading