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Fashion Law 101: Three reasons to “WOW” your Customers

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How much time does your Fashion Company devote to giving better customer service compared to getting new customers?  Most companies I see spend most of their time trying to sell, or "get into" the next big retailer, instead of providing their bread and butter customers better service.  Most think, what for?  They already carry my designs. Here are… Continue Reading

“Driving” Motivation and Promoting Creativity: an animated lesson from Daniel Pink

Posted in The Business of Fashion

Last month, after sharing some of the concepts from Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, you were challenged to think outside the box and come up with ways to support and encourage intrinsic motivation in your team. Have you taken steps to change the way you motivate your team? What can you do to convert working for you from a job… Continue Reading

21 mistakes fashion designers can make

Posted in The Business of Fashion

I found a great new blog last week for apparel manufacturing companies, Fashion Incubator.  The Editor, Kathleen Fasanella, contacted me after I posted about the apparent revival of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act ("DPPA").  Not only do we have similar views on DPPA, but Kathleen is a 27-year apparel industry veteran, author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide… Continue Reading

No Risks Equals No Sales

Posted in The Business of Fashion

Are you going to MAGIC or Project?  Me too, and I would love to meet you.   Also, I am honored to be speaking on February 16, 2009 at 11 am at the Las Vegas Convention Center, room N256.  The panel, entitled, "No Risks Equals No Sales: How to Plan, Merchandise and Brand your Business in… Continue Reading

Reasons to Love Lady Gaga

Posted in The Business of Fashion

You have heard me say it before: I think Lady Gaga is amazing.  Most people I know do too — from the trainers who use her music in their classes, to the salesreps who use her as inspiration during market week, even to the tech geeks at the Computer Electronics Show.  I predict she will have the… Continue Reading