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Fashion Law Week 2014

Posted in The Business of Fashion

If you can brave the weather, I would love to meet you in DC at Howard University’s fourth annual Fashion Law Week.  This year’s theme is Fashion Tech: The Law of Fashion in a Digital Marketplace. I was beyond thrilled to be invited to present the keynote at Fashion Law Week, which was instrumental in… Continue Reading

Fashionable Friday

Posted in The Business of Fashion

I saw this and had to share.  Give it some thought this long weekend: "A business without a vision isn’t a business, it’s just a past time."                                                                      – Leonard A. Lauder. xoxo Staci

Fashionable New Year: 2013

Posted in The Business of Fashion

From all of us here at the Fashion Law Blog, we wish you a year filled with prosperity, health and happiness.  Hopefully, you will use all you learned in 2012 to become better, stronger and more profitable, as well as more thoughtful towards your fellow workers, customers and neighbors. Over this holiday, remember, take some… Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: From the Mouths of Babes

Posted in The Business of Fashion

I was reading "Dear American Companies : Here is How to Fix the Economy," from yesterday’s Business Insider, when my husband called.  He is in IL with our kids (Samantha and Micah), spending some time with the grand parents before school starts. They went fishing this morning, and when asked if he was having a good time, Micah… Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: What “Mr. Worldwide” Can Teach Your Fashion Company About Brand Extension

Posted in The Business of Fashion

As you know, I often draw inspiration from music, and am convinced that music and fashion are explicitly intertwined. Fashion, like music, is a form of entertainment and music, like fashion, has an incredible impact on trends.  Today, like never before, we are seeing musicians use their innate power to extend their own brand as well… Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: Sensory Trademarks

Posted in Fashion Intellectual Property

Fashion is all about appealing to the senses of your customer.  A color that is visually attractive to one may not be to another – that’s why most companies offer designs in array of colors or patterns. But, sight is only one of the human senses.  Don’t forget that as humans, we have multiple senses and your brand should strive… Continue Reading