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What’s a Wow Moment?

Posted in The Business of Fashion

I have received many emails and DM from you asking how you can give outstanding customer service to your clients.  Since the answer depends on your business, instead, I thought I would share two examples of great customer service I received recently to inspire you. I was in "my" Starbucks a few weeks ago, totally not paying attention or… Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: Three Reasons To “WOW” Your Customers

Posted in The Business of Fashion

How much time does your Fashion Company devote to giving better customer service compared to getting new customers?  Most companies I see spend most of their time trying to sell, or "get into" the next big retailer, instead of providing their bread and butter customers better service.  Most think, what for?  They already carry my designs. Here are… Continue Reading

“Driving” Motivation and Promoting Creativity: an animated lesson from Daniel Pink

Posted in The Business of Fashion

Last month, after sharing some of the concepts from Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, you were challenged to think outside the box and come up with ways to support and encourage intrinsic motivation in your team. Have you taken steps to change the way you motivate your team? What can you do to convert working for you from a job… Continue Reading

What Trader Joe’s Can Teach Your Fashion Company

Posted in The Business of Fashion

Driving to work, I heard a great Trader Joe’s commercial.  It asked, where are the people?  Not shoppers, but the store employees that are suppose to assist you and help make your shopping (i.e. a necessary errand) easier and more pleasant.  The commercial even noted that most supermarkets ask you to ring up and bag your groceries yourself. … Continue Reading

Fashion Law 101: Internal Marketing

Posted in The Business of Fashion

Whether you work for a big fashion company, run your own label or even consult for others in the design business, you must not overlook the importance of internal networking otherwise known as internal marketing. So what is Internal Marketing? Internal Marketing is part of the trifecta of brand building, which includes social networking, marketing… Continue Reading

“Puttin’ On the Ritz”

Posted in The Business of Fashion

You may recall the pop song Puttin’ On the Ritz.  What you may not know is that the phrase is also a slang expression meaning "to dress very fashionably" and was inspired by the Ritz Hotel in London, now part of the Ritz-Carlton family. Why are you reading about the Ritz Carlton on the fashion… Continue Reading