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Loyola’s Fashion Law Project’s Summer Intensive

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I am blown away by all your support, encourage and positive feedback. Thanks to you, the Deans have approved a Fashion Law Summer Intensive as part of the Fashion Law Project at Loyola Law School!

So for all of you who don’t have Fashion Law at your design school, college or law school OR in your neighborhood, city or country, we invite you to join us for Loyola’s Fashion Law “bootcamp” this summer in California!


The Fashion Law Summer Intensive will be a nine day course from July 24th to August 1, 2014, which is roughly the equivalent of a two unit class, geared towards law students and practicing lawyers that want to become Fashion Lawyers, as well as perfect for Fashion Industry Executives wanting to expand their job skills and Fashion Students who are thinking of launching their own line or want to learn more about the business of fashion.

Yes, you will learn Fashion Law (similar to the class I teach to Loyola Law School students), but, for the same price as Fordham’s program, the Fashion Law Summer Intensive will offer much, much more. Following Loyola’s traditional theory on class offerings, we will give you practical skills and hands-on training that should be applicable to your daily job, or help you “hang-up your own shingle,” as my law professors used to say. And of course since:

this ain’t no disco, It ain’t no country club either…….this is L.A.

there will designers, “special” guests, social events, field trips and lots of networking. And yes, we will leave you time to enjoy all LA has to offer – from Rodeo Drive to celebrity sightings, from the California Market Center to Disney Land or from the beaches of Malibu to the Hollywood Sign. And, because all us Fashionistas need our accomplishments documented (hello, selfie!), you will get a graduation certificate.

Each year, the Fashion Law Summer Intensive will be structured into a two “pod” approach. As mentioned above, the first pod will be a version of the Fashion Law class currently taught at Loyola Law School, which is the cornerstone of our Fashion Law Concentration and the course that launched The Fashion Law Project! This segment of the Summer Intensive will take place Friday-Sunday (July 25 to July 27, 2014).

The second “pod” will take place Monday-Thursday evenings (July 28 to July 31, 2014) and the topic of the second pod will change every year. This year, the theme of our second pod is brand building and is titled, “From Basics to Billions: How to Launch and Grow a Fashion Brand.” Starting with a case study and utilizing a clinic style of teaching, participants will learn what it takes to launch and grow a successful brand and then practice those skills during the Summer Intensive. The bootcamp will end with a graduation ceremony on Friday, August 1, 2014. With the “pod” approach, you will be able to join us year after year for the second pod, as a way to keep your Fashion Law knowledge and skills cutting edge.

To ensure you have all the information needed to decide to join us, here is a detailed schedule of the Fashion Law Summer Intensive:

  • July 24, 2014: Welcome Reception
  • July 25th & July 26, 2014: class sessions from approximately 9am to 5pm.
  • July 27, 2014: late morning class (approximately 2 hours) followed by a field trip to Beverly Hills where we will conduct a walking tour of the luxury brand flagships in the Rodeo Drive Area
  • July 28 to July 31, 2014: evening class sessions from 6pm to 9pm.
  • August 1, 2014: graduation ceremony and closing dinner

Registration is open, so if you are interested, sign up now. If you need more information, or want to find out about hotels, where to fly into, and those details, see the Fashion Law Summer Intensive page here.

The faculty list will be posted after the Fashion Law Project’s inaugural Fashion Law Symposium on March 22, 2014, so be sure to check back if you are curious.

Hope you can join us!