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Fashion Law 101: Take time to Smell the Roses

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As you all know, the business of fashion is tough.  We all seem to be engaged in constant struggles – be it to create the next hot look, sell product, ship on time or sell-through.  And once you make it through a fashion cycle, there is no time rest….it just starts all over again.

So when you have success or an accomplishment, you need to pause for a moment and enjoy it.  Recently, I was able to watch Greg LaVoi and his fabulous team debut the first collection from Irene By Greg LaVoi during Los Angeles Fashion Week. 

Photo Credit: Volker Corell

(For full disclosure, Greg is a firm client, which means I was able to watch the company from inception to runway. Irene by Greg LaVoi did not request, nor was involved in this post.  The views reflected herein are solely mine.) 

Photo Credit: The Recessionista

Sitting there, during the Irene by Greg LaVoi show, was akin to watch a family member graduate.  I was so proud.

But this post is not about me — it is about what your brand can learn from Greg and his team.  They put in sweat, blood and tears, and preserved through multiple challenges and curve balls to accomplish an amazing victory.

This post started by acknowledging the challenges of the fashion business, but you need to remember that fashion will also give you moments of great joy, pride and satisfaction. Especially when you accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task. 

And when that happens?  You need to pause for a moment and enjoy it.  Smell the roses, as the saying goes.  Or as in Greg’s case, kick back and read about your success in the California Apparel News.

Photo Credit: Greg LaVoi

Congratulations again to Greg, Melissa and Emilio, and to Pamela and Eddie as well.  You deserve to savor this moment, which if my hunch is correct, is only the first of many victories in your future.

And for the rest of you out there, take a moment from the craziness and reflect on your achievements.  Hard work deserves reward.