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Fashion Law 101: What your brand Can Learn From Godaddy’s Superbowl Commercial

Posted in The Business of Fashion

Guest Post by Tamarra Holmes


For startups, deciding on a name is one of the most important business decisions you will make early on.  Your company’s name will be a part of your brand, and ultimately, your reputation.


In today’s super-connected world it’s more important than ever that everything about your brand is a part of your story. Your name, your logo, your website–they all have to work cohesively to connect, and ultimately, sell your brand to the customer.


A great example was seen during GoDaddy.com’s Super Bowl advertisement featuring super-model Bar-Refaeli and America’s new favorite nerd, Walter.  GoDaddy.com awkwardly encouraged viewers to match "sexy and smart" in order to create the perfect name for Bar-Fefaeli’s and Walter’s company’s website.  After Bar-Refaeli spent 30 seconds tongue-tied with Walter, their new tagline, "When sexy meets smart your small business scores" flashed across the screen. 


While GoDaddy’s approach may have been a bit of a turn off to some, their message was spot on: 

  • Define the ideals behind your company’s brand;
  • Use those ideals to name it, shape it and package it; and
  • Lastly, do something to make your brand memorable to your customer. 


And the spot worked, right?  We just told you a story about their brand.  To watch the video, click below.