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Location, Location, Location – What Your Fashion Brand Can Learn From Thinking Outside the Booth

Posted in The Business of Fashion

By Ellie Altshuler

Floor plans. Yes, I’m on the market for a loft so I’m constantly obsessing over the lay-out of the space, but no, that’s not what I’m referring to here.
So why are you reading about my search for the perfect location on the Fashion Law Blog?
Back in August I had the pleasure of walking PROJECT/MAGIC and various other trade shows with none other than Staci Riordan. While much of the layout was the same as years past, booths set up side by side along long walkways, some brands displayed their goods in untraditional high traffic areas and were able to draw in a moving crowd.
British nail brand, Butter LONDON, smartly decided to set up a pop up shop in the middle of the floor and offer free manicures. While waiting in the long line to get polished, brand representatives proudly debuted their new lippy/lacquer collection.  
Along with their coveted nail polish, Butter offered matching lip glosses. This brand extension seemed seamless as their offerings were paired nicely by color and marketed together in their Autumn/Winter Collection guide.
By the time I walked away with my new turquoise nails, I was sold on the gloss and singing Butter’s praises.
For those of you considering whether to attend a trade show next year and if it’s worth the cost, consider thinking outside the booth like Butter.