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September to Remember? Schumer Introduces the Design Piracy Bill into the Senate (Again)

Posted in Fashion Intellectual Property

September is turning out to be a hot fashion law month, and we are only into week two!

Today, WWD reports Senator Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) has once again introduced the Design Piracy Bill into the Senate. It is no secret that we here at the Fashion Law Blog are not fans of this legislation, and have dubbed previous incarnations of the bill, the Destruction of Affordable Fashion Bill

This time, we reserve judgment (kinda) as the exact text of what was introduced toady is not yet available, but we have no expectation that it will be any better than Schumer and crew’s last five attempts.  But, we’ll share it once we can get our hands on it and then we can all decide together.

In the meantime, one has to wonder WHY Schumer introduced this bill now?!  With elections rapidly approaching, Congress will only be in session about another two weeks.

Maybe Schumer is being passive aggressive – submitting the bill to please his generous contributing constituents, but knowing nothing will ever happen on it.  Win-Win, for him right?

Sigh.  Well, here’s to hoping that Congress spends its Fall dealing with our economy, expiring tax cuts, fixing the deficit and avoiding a government shut down.  Otherwise, this will really be a September to Remember.