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Fashion Law 101: From the Mouths of Babes

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I was reading "Dear American Companies : Here is How to Fix the Economy," from yesterday’s Business Insider, when my husband called.  He is in IL with our kids (Samantha and Micah), spending some time with the grand parents before school starts. They went fishing this morning, and when asked if he was having a good time, Micah said:

I bet my worm isn’t having fun doing this…

And that made me think.  Micah - at 6 years old has it right – he has the ability to put himself in the other-side’s shoes.  American Companies, argues Henry Clodget, the Business Insider author, should take some of their record high profits and give them to their workers, who currently have record low wages.  Doing so, will fix our economic problems because the workers (or the fish) will have more disposal income.  

So why are you reading about fishing, the American economy, and my six year old on the Fashion Law Blog?

Because doing the right thing can be hard, especially, when on the surface, it seems to be against your self interest. 

And your probably thinking, Staci what are you saying?  Fashion is a cut-throat industry, with the barest of price differences making or breaking a sale.  Thinking about others?? Put them first?  Phooey.

But you should.  Here is why:

People are your most precious resource and they are not unlimited.  Well compensated people work harder and think more creatively. Your Fashion Brand needs smart people to make it competitive.

What can you do to make work fun for your employee’s? What can you do to increase their wages?  Give it some thought, then take action (read the Business Insider article if you still need to be convinced).

ps – no fish were hurt in drafting this blog post.



  • Anna DiPerna

    Hi Staci!
    I’m a student at Tulane Law over in New Orleans and I just stumbled upon your blog today. Love it! It is so refreshing to see that you are able to have a balance between your personal life and your professional life. It gives me hope!
    Secondly, I’m definitely with you on treating your employees properly. If your employees feel that they are an essential part of your business, they are going to put in more effort and stay with your company longer. NOBODY likes being taken for granted :).