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10 More Seconds: The Secret to Fashion Success

Posted in The Business of Fashion

I hate working out.  There.  I admitted it. 

But, I hate not fitting into my jeans even more so I do it.  Recently, during a killer pilates class, the teacher was making us hold every position for a really, really, really long time.  I seriously considered walking out.  But just then, while we were holding a plank position for what seemed like an hour, she called out:

10 more seconds!

which made me think:  in the course of this class, this week, my life, what’s 10 measly seconds?  I can make it through 10 more seconds.  And you know what?  I did.

Now, you know this post isn’t really about me and my workouts.  It’s about how you face, and overcome, adversity and challenges in your life.  We see people conquering insurmountable obstacles and odds every day, especially in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive world of fashion. 

Many like to think that those people or companies were just lucky.  I don’t and you shouldn’t either.   And you know why? 10 more seconds.

People who succeed, who create, who ship, have the ability to work through those last 10 seconds.  They don’t give up when the going gets tough, when they face a setback, have a mental block or all seems lost.

If you have answered the why question, you will have the intrinsic motivation to make it through those last 10 seconds.

So, next time when you feel like giving up, think of this post, know I am cheering you on, and tell yourself: I can make it through 10 more seconds. 

And you know what?  You will.