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Fashion Law 101: “Slicensing”

Posted in Licensing

If you are a regular reader or follow me on twitter, you know I spent most of last week in Las Vegas at the 2011 Licensing International Expo (#LX11).

The show was amazing and I was able to mix and mingle with some of the most influential people in branding.  Even more importantly for you, I learned a new word:


What does it mean?

It means to divide one asset, usually a trademark in the fashion industry, into as many pieces as possible. 

Now, this concept of diversifying a trademark into small consumable pieces is not new, nor uncommon in fashion licensing.  This is a recommendation that I have been making to fashion brands for years so they can become a lifestyle brand

What I didn’t know until last week is that there is a word for it!!!


What do you think?

photo credit: Communal Table