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How did I Become a Fashion Lawyer? Free To Be . . . You And Me

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I am a member of the "Free to be You and Me" generation, meaning I was in preschool when the record was released.  I even saw it performed, but cannot remember how because we didn’t have VHS, DVDs or even Betas yet.

For those of you unfamiliar with Free to Be You and Me, it was a revolutionary album (and later book and after-school special) featuring songs and stories from celebrities that embraced values such as individuality, tolerance, and happiness with one’s identity.  (to learn more, click here)

I recall that its major message was that anyone one, whether a boy or a girl, could achieve anything they wanted.  (which in the 70’s was still a fairly new concept)

Recently, I shared it with my preschoolers and they love it, especially this song.  Surprisingly, I still remember the words to the songs and after reflecting, I think it had a profound impact on my life. 

I am asked all the time how I decided to become a fashion lawyer.  Well, I was raised thinking that I could do anything I wanted to and if it didn’t exist, I could create it.

Did Free to Be You and Me have any effect on your life?  What about any other work of art?  Do you think it possible that a movie, book or album can change the way we view the world?

I look forward to your comments and emails.  Thank you for listening. 

photo credit: Free To Be…You And Me

p.s. teenage Michael Jackson is in the video for  "When We Grow Up."  Check out the video on You Tube here.

  • http://Http://fashionbizinc.org Jill

    Great Blog, Staci. I remember “Free to Be You and Me” well. Lots of great lessons to learn for people of all ages.